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Three Frames of Success (3FoS) Model

The Aim Academy model of success.

Understading the 3FoS Model

The educational model, curricula, and instructional strategies of AAST are embedded within the three key elements of the 3FoS Model. This model strives to engage students through: 

  • Frame 1. Integrated STEM education
  • Frame 2. Culturally responsive mentorship
  • Frame 3. Curricular connections with business industries to provide a successful path to college and STEM careers

Frame 1: Integrated STEM Education

This component of the 3FoS model consists of an approach to teaching the STEM content of two or more STEM domains bound by STEM practices within an authentic context for the purpose of connecting these subjects to enhance student learning. AAST intends to implement a quality STEM education program through the implementation of an authentic integrated STEM curriculum that is problem-based and which uses projects to frame and demonstrate learning, where the STEM design thinking is evident throughout the instructional methods of the entire school.

Frame 2: Culturally Responsive Mentorship

This component of the 3FoS instructional model will provide Culturally Responsive Mentorship programs where all support staff and some licensed teachers will be assigned to work with high-need students using a structured mentoring program protocol. The mentor will meet with the mentee once a week during non-instructional me and provide academic, and emotional support. The mentor will document the student’s academic, behavior, and attendance information and share data with the student support team. The SST will be responsible for the development of weekly, monthly and quarterly intervention plans for each student. The mentor will function as an in-school expert on the needs of the specific student and will provide rich data to make informed academic and behavioral interventions to support the student.

Frame 3: Curricular Connections with STEM-Based Businesses

This component of the 3FoS instructional model AAST will establish systematic curriculum connections and partnerships with local STEM based businesses and industry as an integral part of charting an equitable and successful path to college and careers for urban youth from underrepresented communities. AAST will integrate career-based programs designed with local businesses in the healthcare, engineering, and Computer programming industries. Through the 3FoS instructional model, AAST believes that it will be able to successfully deliver a whole and relevant education with pathways for students to pursue careers in STEM-based businesses.

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